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May 2, 2010
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Regret and Determination by faustsketcher Regret and Determination by faustsketcher
Lost Childhood - Cover
1.First Make-Up
2. First Night Out
3. The night Enjoyment
4. AfterClass Lessons
5. Friends Fall Off
6. A Fake Paradise
7. Overnight Party with friends
8. A New Boyfriend
9. A Special Party, his Friends
10. Regret and Determination
11. Good Morning
12. Cry it Out
13. My First Kiss
14. Walking on Together
The Little Woodden Horse - Backcover


May 2nd Dear Diary ... today i stayed at home, [...] i actually don't even think mom would et me go outside. Anyway.
[...] I feel so lost ... so... betrayed. How could i not realize this before.

May 4th [...] so mom called in the doctor... i gues that fever's gotten a little high, though seems i should be just fine if i rest for tomorrow.


May 7th Same as the days before, Dear Diary, i'm realizing i ahve a really nice mom, considering others would force me get to school, she lets em take it easy [...] i guess she can not even imagine how much at fault i was for all of this [...] I'm a bad person i guess...

May 8th it's been a whole week since i haven't gone to school... where are my so called friends.. what am i expcting anyway. [...]

May 9th Sphel came ... [...] i told mom to tell him i was sleeping. ut still he came in. after bringing some notes he sat next to my back and started talking [...] i guess maybe he knew i was awake... i don't know. I was still afraid to face him. I hardly could hold my crying when he said sorry for not coming before, as he had been grounded afterclass at school for tasks for making sort of harsh argument with Mike on the lobby [...] I think i stayed crying for hours after he left.

I've made up my mind, i should [...] so after recovery, on friday, i'll go to school and settle this up [...] break up with mike [...] and just be able to be with Sphel again like before.
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3 does not open :(
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love it!
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Ah its so pretty.. the shading and the colors and the emotion and the storyline.. so beautiful.
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This is the picture of this series I love the most..aww so sad.. <33
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This is awesome and sad , love the lighting
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I like this picture. It's so...sad...very good job! :D
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