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March 29, 2012
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Normal Chick with a Gun by faustsketcher Normal Chick with a Gun by faustsketcher
Some quick sketch i ended up coloring today, not really much into it. But there's something i kinda would like to talk about, if someone feels like reading some lines lol

Some might be wondering why is she showing her bra? Well, it's a chick witha gun, DUH it's obviously gonna be unnecessarily revealing...

ya i'm just kinda joking around but must admit this kind of over-revealing clothing designs for female characters on films/anime/games is getting reeeeally tiring for me. In fact if this drawing was done to be put on some Korean/Japanese MMO she would prolly be wearing a bikini, or some shorts with a micro top.

This happens alot as well on medieval stuff, seing female "warriors" going around on a piece of loin cloth with a tinny metal piece on the knee, shoulder, and each nipple.

Of course seeing some exposure everynow and then it's cool, and hot, the same way for girls it's cool and hot seeing some hot male revealing his nicely built body partially naked... i guess dunno, maybe girls can specify on there.
But honestly the overuse of these skimpy designs, specially on armor, it's getting REALLY tiring and most of the time puts me off the game to be honest.

A good example of this would be ... well, half of the asian MMOs, really.
A good example of a game that does good AND sexy designs without being completely offputting, is maybe The Witcher 2, to name one. I mean, come on, the first time i saw Ves entering that interrogation room i was like DAMN FINE. full dressed, full armor, and yet damn awesomely cool and sexy, without the need to put her on hot pants and a micro bikini.

What do you guys think? I hope I'm not the weird one here XDDDDDDD!!!

cheers-! :iconyeahplz:!
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So I actually learned the hard way that keeping your shirt unbuttoned or unzipped like that is not a very good idea. I have been hooked so many times and discovered surprises from within that weren't there earlier 
your not the weird one out i agree 100% games are starting to lose their originality.
porsheee Oct 3, 2013  Student Writer
I totally agree... :)
While any artistic conceit may be overused, even abused, heroic nudity is not an invalid concept, as this Californian professor of classical Greek would like to being to your attention.

Nice pic.
Miss-balcon Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this draw! It's so cool!
I'm not usually into the bikini warrior stuff too.
And that lady will be wishing she had her shirt buttoned up. Bullet casings are hot and not something you want stuck in your cleavage.
Words like epic and awesome don't begin to do it justice. On another note your argument is valid, and I agree, but sometimes, I'd just rather skimpy be on the menu too.
*Reads description*
The world needs more people like you.
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