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April 5, 2010
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
PART 2: [link]
PART 3: [link]


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so ye :icongodzilla23: (right) and :iconslowparentscrossing: (yellow panties) :iconcottoncandystar: (middle left) and ":icongodzilla23:'s friend" making out.

well they didnt know how to really make it public, so i decided to lend them a hand xD! it actually surprised me when i knew abot their relationship considering their so young age, but ye xD!!

love is love, no matter the gender.

Also as she woke up -as they all were sleeping together, :iconcottoncandystar: decided to join to the fun too, and wiht so much fun they ended up waking up :icongodzilla23:'s friend.


ok that was a joke X'DDDD! take it as late april fools xDDDDDD!!!! i did nothing for it acutally yey .

but ye, idk how i kinda came upw ith ti, and with the support and aprovation of :iconslowparentscrossing: developed it. there are some inside jokes like the SARA on her boobs, but ye.

and of course they are nto yuri, not that i know at least O3O; X'D

--- POLICY STUFF PLEASE READ before talking

TAKING aside the pornographic content complain, 'cause its not EXPLICIT, aside from showing nipples,a dn it ahs a warning abotu NUDITY and SEXUAL CONTENT; there's the thign about underaged.

THEY ARE NOT! but, i must admit somehow they mgiht be msitaken for. So:

·:icongodzilla23: and :iconslowparentscrossing: look more younger 'cause of the eyes basically, whcih are bigger then usual = kid looking i guess.
thats because :icongodzilal23: si in shock for what's going on. Also on her case she's pretty thin.

·:iconslowparentscrossing: the eyes are more bigger too for the pervy look, to exaggerate i, but her body, if you tell me thats an underaged body FUCK OMG, kids grow fast nowadays!

·:iconcottoncandystar: i just made her face funny 'cause she's liek ueeeeeh~ but even the REAL person is actually atm 21.

·then moving on the top left girl, waking up, she's more normal, without any exagerated facial expression; and IMO her face doesnt look liek a little girl one, or at least wasn't meant to. She has almost no breast 'cause SHE SIMPLY IS PLAIN. but if you compare that face to how i draw little kids, you'll see SHE'S NOT.

On part 2, those 2 guys are both me and :iconshiroune: and there, we are over 20. yet it can look liek 17, or 16, its just my moe style.



"-Que estás haciendo!?
-Lo que ves~~ las quieres tocar heeeh~
-No es que no las quiera tocar (por que pone "SARA"?) .. pero pero... EEEEEEEEEEEEEH ESTAS HELADA!
-OOOH vaya vaya, que caleentito esta por aquí~ ya no eres una cria eeeeh~~??"
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