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September 20, 2009
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Fighting the Sickness by faustsketcher Fighting the Sickness by faustsketcher
oh yes! i just love this one xD! it was so cool to do lmao

VIDEO!!! ----> [link]

-Dedicated to :iconcottoncandystar: for beign that cool :iconhungaryplz:


Explanation: wether it looks like, the idea is based on the Leukocytes (White blood cells) defending the body from Viruses. :iconyeahplz:

Leukocytes are the dudes with white helmets, the main ones, who look more like nowadays troopers lol. The viruses are the ones in white, in white cuz i got a cold, so they are cold viruses; cold--->winter--->snow--->white LOL! XD

So thats supposed to be the Nose area, and thats the [#0691 leukocytes first-line deployed tactical squad] defendign the entrance from the first wave of viruses, and are actually being pretty badly pwned due to number unbalance (there are lots of viruses 3 )


Thats basically how i always imagned the immune system fighting the viruses when studying it on Biology lol! xD makes classes better lol :iconlinkrapefaceplz:

This vid is, also, dedicated to cottoncandystar, lil pressent, for beign so awesome/cool and keepin company while painting this, which took about 5 hrs, and did it during yesterday morning -dinner- and then finished it on the afternoon.

Yet, making this video took like 3 hrs, so when i got it done, it was incredibly late, adn had to go to sleep. Thats why the Delay lol

So ye, hope u like it ^^ :iconohjoyplz:


:icongodzilla23: told me maybe i should try editing my pics, like, tones, curve, etc... so i decided to try it with this one, which colors i thought were kinda too plain and lacked feeling, so i added some contrast and other stuff to make it more dramatic, and make the central explosion more outstanding =3 it's my first time ever editing somethign so ye, it's not perfect at all, but it's better than the original xD!
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Phagocytes!!! We need more phagocytes!!!
Super cool ! The guy getting shot is a nice touch.
Um... are the air support vehicles supposed to look like Star Wars' T-16 skyhoppers?
Thedragondreamer Nov 13, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:o Almost like starwars...only with bullets! nice
D: the vid got removed
bluegobli60 Oct 25, 2009  Student Digital Artist
freaking AWESOME MAN X
bluegobli60 Oct 26, 2009  Student Digital Artist
welcome xDDDD
Oh man! you did an awesome color and light shading!
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